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Learn to Massage your Baby


CLASS 1 & 2

Class 1 : Basic Baby Massage can be done at any time of the day. Massage is a fun, relaxing way to get to know your baby at any age. 

Class 2: Tummy Troubles Learn how to ease tummy pains, gas & constipation. This routine is immensely helpful in aiding overall digestive health

*Massage is best to learn before baby starts crawling*

CLASS 3 & 4

Class 3 : SLEEP Learn a massage specifically designed to facilitate a peaceful night's rest - for both of you! We will talk about sleep habits & what to expect in the first 18 months of infancy. 

Class  4Massage For the Immune System Learn a massage to help the immune system function at its best as well as massage "first aid" for teething, stuffy noses & coughs. 

*Massage is best to learn before baby starts crawling.*

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